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Female Slipper Urinal Pan
Broad design gives greater stability for patients in bed or chair. high splash guard reduces bed wetting and adds confidence to the user.
Female Urinal Bottle with Handle
Anatomically contoured , this bottle can be securely grasped by the handle. for use in bed , sitting or standing. clear measurement graduations. stable in horizontal or vertical positions.
Male Urinal
New lightweight male urinal with snap on watertight cap. ideal for use around the home. designed for stability and handling. slim shape makes for more comfortable use in bed. clear graduations in metric and imperial. capacity: 1000ml.
Non Spill Valve for Use with Male Urinal (above)
Polypropylene with latex flange and seal.
Portable Bidet Bowl
Makes washing lower parts of the torso easier. simply sit into a standard toilet bowl. produced in polypropylene. suitable for steam sterilisation up to 135c. clean with hot water and disinfectants. design may vary from photo.
Slipper Pan with Cover
Preferred design for elderly bed patients. contoured design for smooth gliding over bedsheets. integrated handles give user stability and confidence. short return handles make for easier use by carer. broad comfortable stable seat. cover reduces odours and spills.
Traditional Wicker Style Commode
Discreetly concealed commode. wooden frame chair with wicker style design covering. waterproof , wipe clean , pvc seat , colour may vary. lift seat to reveal one piece commode pan. carrying handle is incorporated into the lid .

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