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Bolster Pillow with Pillowcase
The bolster pillow has the dual purpose of providing extra support and comfort all the way across a bed while looking stylish at the same time. the pillow comes complete with a specially shaped poly-cotton case in one of four colours. machine washable.
Caresse Pillow Pair
This hollofibre pillow pair is fantastic value and quality. the pillow remains anti-bacterial , anti-fungal and anti-dust mite even after several washes and is covered with a polycotton cover. these pillows are washable at 60 degrees - hot enough to kill dust mites.
Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Pillow
The properties that eucalyptus is said to have include powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects with soothing , cooling , pain-relieving properties. the pillow is machine washable. the pillow will deteriorate slightly with each wash but retains its beneficial effects for approximately twenty washes.

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