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Alpha Animals Board Game
The green board game co. create games that are fun to play; multi-levelled for adults and children to play together; value for money; encourage knowledge of , and interest in , our world; use recycled or recyclable materials and wood from managed forests; are safe and tested to british and european safety standards. this game received the prestigious good toy guide award. players advance by naming an animal in a category- mammals , birds , fish , insects , spiders , crustaceans , reptiles or amphibians- whose name begins with the letter of the alphabet of the square they've landed on. a bird beginning with 'e' is easy but how about a fish beginning with 'l'? whatever you're level , it's a learning adventure. contains: beautifully illustrated playing board; 6 hand carved animal playing pieces; wooden die; pack of question cards; classification table and rules booklet. all contents in english , french , german and spanish. suitable for 2-6 players or teams ages 8+.
Atlas Adventures Board Game
The green board game co. create games that are fun to play; multi-levelled for adults and children to play together; value for money; encourage knowledge of , and interest in , our world; use recycled or recyclable materials and wood from managed forests; are safe and tested to british and european safety standards. in this exciting world discovery game players have to be first to build a world map. but beware! continents or oceans may have to be traded with other players and advanced players have to answer challenging multiple-choice questions. this multi- level game is great for all the family to play together. all contents are in english , french , german and spanish. a booster pack of 200 extra question cards are also available as an addition to the game or as a pack of quiz cards. click the 'more like this' button to find them. contains: large playing board; pack of question cards; spinner; 76 puzzle pieces and rules booklet. suitable for 2-4 players/teams and ages: level one: 7+level two: 12+.
Bullseye DVD Game with Bendy Bully
Most people over the age of 25 will have happy memories of watching bullseye in awe as jim bowen reeled off joke after joke , darts players threw dart after dart and contestants answered question after question! for those who don't remember it , a show hosted by some dodgy comedian involving people throwing darts and answering questions sounds rubbish , but in terms of classic 1980's television bullseye was up there with the a-team. there simply was no better gameshow on tv!it was simply magnificent. the fact that people living in birmingham always used to win a speedboat just added to the appeal of the show! it was better still when they didn't win and jim bowen would utter the immortal line 'let's see what you would have won!'. talk about rubbing salt in the wounds!well now , thanks to the wonders of modern technology , you can host your own bullseye game! will you be the dart player using the remote control or will you be answering the questions in this dvd game based on television's classic darts quiz? it really is interactive fun for all the family on your own tv!step up to the oche. . . and take your throw!play through the rounds , get to the final and try to win bully’s star prize. have a super , smashing , great time!age range: 14+players: suitable for 2 to 4 playersand to take you back to the days of jim and bully here are just a few memorable quotes from the show. keep out of the black and in the red , nothing in this game for two in a bed. . . . 101 or more in 6 darts for tonight’s star prize. . . . . . non-dart player to throw first. . . . that’s red , it’s number 7. . . . . i’ll check that with bully. . . . . . the cash you won earlier , that’s safe. . . . . . . innnnnnnnn one , a teasmaid , innnnnnnnn two. . . . . . . oh , it’s landed in spelling. you're alright , the category is still there. . . . settle in , take your time , there’s no rush. . .
Catchphrase DVD Game
Play catchphrase on your tv with this family game based on the classic tv show! who can forget the legend that is roy walker and this simply magnificent show! in its heyday many a family would spend their evenings playing catchphrase against each other to see who could guess the caption first! it was the highlight of the week for many families! unfortunately catchphrase then seemed to go out of favour with tv bosses and it was restricted to a 3. 00am slot on some obscure satellite channel for many a year! luckily , catchphrase is going through somewhat of a revival at the moment , thanks mainly to the genius of the chris moyles show! carpark catchprase entertains the nation every week and that's just over the radio. think how good it will be when you can play it in its original form on your telly!some of tv's greatest moments have featured mr chips appearing to do something very different to what he is actually doing! if the wrong square is removed it can give a very misleading impression of what is going on! there is one clip in particular that every single person over the age of 25 will remember! if you haven't seen it , let's just say that roy walker was in stitches and mr chips appeared to be 'enjoying himself' more than he should have been on a family show!the game is really simple. as roy walker would advise , simply “say what you see!”. this special catchphrase presentation pack features the interactive dvd game bursting with catchphrase clues for you to puzzle over. it also includes 24 bonus drawing cards containing 192 popular sayings for you to draw , along with a game pad and pencil , meaning that you can play a version of catchphrase anywhere you like!contents: catchphrase dvd game instructions 24 bonus drawing cards game pad and pencilplayers: 2 players or teamsage range: 10+
Cirondo Board Game
Board games usually fall into one of two categories - they either look superb but have the playability of a damp squib or look pretty dreary but are actually great fun. thankfully , cirondo happens to to tick the box in both categories in that it is a sleek looking game which will look at home in any designer pad and has the playability of all the modern greats , from monopoly to totopoly. cirondo is a fun , absorbing and challenging game of attack , defence and sacrifice which unlocks a world of strategic choices with endless playing variations that will keep you entertained for hours. it combines the strategic nature of chess with the simplicity of draughts/checkers. two or four player battles for galactic domination are resolved on a unique round board , with quality metal pieces advancing or defending in arcs and circular movements adding a new dimension to traditional board gameplay. the object of the game is to conquer the galaxy by eliminating your opponent from the board. this can be achieved by a vast array of strategies using your moons , planets and solar systems (known as stellars) to skilfully attack opponents. each player starts with an equal number of moons and planets (16 of each for a 2 player game and 8 of each for a 4 player game). planets can move in arcs around the board , use this to your advantage to attack and outsmart your opponent whilst remembering to protect your moons. when your moons reach the inner orbit they are exchanged for the most powerful stellar - a solar system. this is the most destructive stellar as it can move in any direction on the board to eliminate your opponent(s)! when a player lands his stellar on an opponents stellar the opponents stellar is is eliminated and removed from the board. the ultimate winner is the player who eliminates all of their opponents stellar , or in the rare event of a tie has the most powerful stellar remaining on the board. cirondo is a strategic board game suitable for all the family and is sure to provide hours of entertainment. contents: 16 x moons and planets (per player in a 2 player game) or 8 x moons and planets (per player in a 4 player game). 4 x solar systems (per player in both a 2 and 4 player game). 1 x board. 1 x rules. suitable for 2-4 players. age 8+.
In 1857 john jaques ii introduced the new table game of 'squails'. the idea of squails was simply to flick 8 wooden disks to the centrer of the board. developed from this game and bizarrely taking some of the features from jaques most popular game croquet , cronkinole was born. simplistically the aim is to score more points than your opponents by getting as many of your discs in scoring positions , with the ultimate aim of flicking your discs into the hole in the middle. as with similar games , there is a strategic element with cronkinole , and there are many cunning tactics which can be adopted by the players - be it to utilise the posts in the middle of the board , or to cannon your opponents discs into the ditch on the side of the quadrant. this is a fine hand skill game combing all of the fin of tiddlywinks , croquet and bowls. cracking fun!contents: 1 x frame , constructed from polished solid mahogany. 1 x complete set od all pieces required for playing the game.
Cut and Run Board Game
Imagine breaking the bank at monte carlo. . . or las vegas!imagine risking millions on the turn of a card , or taking someone to the cleaners with a roll of a dice or spin of the roulette wheel. . . well stop imagining and play 'cut and run' the board game where you become a high rolling international gambler. you travel the world building an empire of casinos , betting big bucks , outwitting and bluffing your opponents - then , when the time is right. . . cutting and running for victory. cut and run contains: * fold out playing board , * 6 pewter playing pieces , * roulette wheel & dice , * full set of gambling chips , * set of playing cards , * 25 'bluff?' cards , * 15 casino cards , * 6 betting odds cards , * rules booklet.
Don't Break The Bottle (Corkscrew Edition)
The next time you are invited to a friends home for dinner to add a little fun to the proceedings , take along a bottle of wine that you have locked within this cunning wooden puzzle. the original bottle puzzle has been given an extra twist. . . a corkscrew twist!fit a favourite bottle of wine into the sleek wooden enclosure and secure the bottle with the corkscrew lock. slip your gift into the accompanying gift bag and hand it to your host. dinner conversation will flow. . . but will the wine? only if the lucky recipient is savvy enough to solve the puzzle!so if your planning on getting drunk we suggest you don't visit the dummies in your address book!players: 1+age suitability: 8+ (we don't recommend any puzzle lover under the age of 18 to drink the spoils!)difficulty: medium
Electronic Sudoku Game
Sudoku is taking the world by storm! originating in japan , the game is now one of the most popular games across the western world! if you haven't heard of it you must have been living on a desert island for the last 6 months! saying that , it wouldn't be surprising if the game had found its way to even there - that's how popular it is!sudoku is without doubt the most addictive game available at the moment. it is in every paper , every magazine and there are literally hundreds of books available everywhere you look. they are all fine if you want to carry a big book around or buy a paper every day to get the answers from the day before. but what if you want to play sudoku on your way to work or in your lunch break , or what if you want to just pop a sudoku game into your bag to play when you get a few minutes?well you will need an electronic sudoku game! unlike all the other electronic games available , this one allows you to write your answers (and more importantly your possible answers) down as you play. the re-usable , wipe-clean grid means that you can play sudoku where you like and as often as you like. writing your possible answers is a key part of solving the puzzles - it's not going to be too easy to play the game without being able to do this!this new electronic sudoku game will give hours , days , weeks , even months of fun pitching your wits against the computer to solve the puzzles. it is really easy to use , has a clear lcd display , three levels of difficulty and gives hints to answers. there are three card sets for children/beginners , intermediates and seasoned players! it's amazing!key featuresunique sudoku grid templates to write answers on holds your current game in its memory even when turned off - simply switch it back on and start from where you left offover 10 , 000 puzzles to playgrid cards are dry wipe so can be used again and again 20 cards , double sided three types of cards: 6 x 6 , 9 x 9 and 12 x 12 children’s cards with graphics provide educational fun with numbers hand held and portable for easy travel complete with dry wipe pen 2 line lcd display 3 levels of difficulty and hints to answers by square , box or complete puzzle 2 year warrantytechnical specificationpower consumption – 3 v dc power supply – 1 x cr2032 battery (included) display – 2 line , 14 characters dot matrix lcddimensions: height - 13cm / 5' width - 7cm / 3' depth - 1. 5cm / 1'
Foolin' Around
The creators of nookii bring you another great adult board game foolin' around. foolin' around is a great way to entertain friends. pick and choose cards to host your perfect party from a collection of over 100 playful party games with a saucy twist. choose from an evening of frank and fun discussion and true or false questions , or play team games using balloons and play tape. foolin' around is the perfect accompaniment to an evening with friends whether planned or impromptu. the game is for 6 or more people and whilst the object of play is to beat the other team , we're sure you have some great fun along the way. contents: 110 foolin' cards , play tape , balloons , timer , score pad , foolin' finger & playing guidelines.
Gala Bingo DVD Game
Play gala bingo in your own home with this exciting new dvd! featuring gala’s very own caller , alan stockdale , the dvd contains hundreds of random games allowing you to enjoy the excitement of gala bingo at its best. just place the disc into your dvd player , take your bingo tickets and a pen and you're ready to play bingo as played in the gala clubs. play for one line , two lines or a full house , and try to become a bingo millionaire!also included on the dvd is a chance to re-live the 1950s and play traditional seaside bingo. eyes down for a full house!...contents: bingo cards gala money markersplayerstwo or moreage range: 8+
Lust Board Game
Lust! is an erotic game for lovers that lets you explore romantic and physical intimacy with your partner (as if you needed an excuse). each game ends with a unique love-making experience from 30 , 000 possibilities!you play the game with four decks of cards which are split into romance cards , sensuality cards , body language cards , and love-making cards. each player takes it in turns to roll the dice and move their playing piece down the path. the colour of the footstep you land on determines what card your lover should read to you. you then try to carry out with your partner what is specified on the card. if your card specifies that you earn a love-making card , then you select a card from the love-making deck. this is where the fun starts as if it is something which you and your partner would like to try , then you put it on the bed at the end of the path for later!!!by collecting these love-making cards it will build up a complete sexual fantasy with your partner. when a player reaches the bed space , the game ends and the fantasy begins! each background colour on the back of the love-making cards (5 different colours) ties into how hot the action is that is portrayed on the card. the first degree of hot is red , then orange , yellow , white and finally blue. if you follow your fantasy in this order then you will be in for a great time!this is a great gift for you and your lover and will help to spice up your love life in an instant!
Magnetic Tantrix
Magnetic tantrix is aimed at all those tantrix addicts who just cant get enough of the game and want to be able to play it any time they like! brighten up your kitchen and intrigue your friends by playing tantrix on the fridge door or use the metal board supplied to play tantrix virtually anywhere!you can play the game of tantrix - an elegant mixture of skill and chance for 2-4 players , where each player picks a colour and tries to make a long line (or a big loop) in that colour while stopping their opponents from doing the same. alternatively have a go at some tantrix puzzles for just one player - a selection of the puzzles included in the tantrix game pack can also be found in this amazing magnetic set. magnetic tantrix contains: 1 x set of magnetic playing pieces56 x numbered magnetic tiles4 x colour indicator discs1 x turn indicator arrow1 x metal playing board 1 x cloth tile bag 1 x plastic wallet 1 x rules leaflet. not suitable for children under 36 months - small parts.
Monogamy Game
Recently awarded adult board game of the year monogamy offers the promise of a hot affair . . . with your partner , monogamy gives many a great evening at home with the one you love. explore new experiences together , have fun and take each other on a sexual adventure. described by players as 'addictive' and 'a beautiful well thought out game. ''turn the lights down low , take the phone off the hook and get ready for some truly passionate encounters - play monogamy and your relationship will never be the same again' it all begins with a loving gaze into each other's eyes - the last to blink throws the dice to start the game! as you progress around the board the questions become more intimate and the challenges more steamy - opening up sexy , wild and sometimes deep conversations - the perfect beginning to an affair.... with your partner. whatever level you play monogamy , you'll be laughing one minute and lusting after each other the next. the game climaxes with the winner choosing to make real one of 50 breathtaking fantasies - but then , there are no losers in monogamy. the game contains 390 different ideas and actions at three progressive levels: intimate. passionate. steamy. and fifty different fantasies! with a lot more action on the way. monogamy provides great value and can be played many , many times with no game ever being the same. the contents of monogamy® , the adult board game: board 488mm x 488mm his cards x 100 - featuring 300 questions at 3 levels her cards x 100 - featuring 300 questions at 3 levels fantasy cards x 50 dice , 2 player's pieces and 12 level pieces. set of easy reference rules. this is what the press have to say about this game: by kind permission of sarah hedley - sex editor of cosmo '. . . then i had to think of a time when he’d done something to impress me , either in or out of the bedroom. i was torn between the night he cooked pasta for me in the nude and the day he pampered me with a candlelit bath. he’d forgotten about both , but promised to give me a repeat performance. i was really starting to enjoy monogamy. . . . . . i had though about introducing this fantasy earlier but hadn’t been sure when to broach the subject. thankfully , a board game supplied the prompt. now all i have to say to my man is “best of three?” anne hooper - author of sex games and now sex toys: “sexiness: sizzlingvalue: everyone’s a winner”.
Nookii , most definitely is not your run of the mill after dinner game. true enough it does involve shaking a dice and obeying instruction cards but that's where the similarity to other board games ends. in short , nookii aims to add a little pazzazz into your sex life. in its own words 'nookii is a map of foreplay , a key to a door of possibilities on a multitude of sensual interactions'. how could you resist?the basic idea of the game is for you and the object of your desire , to throw the dice , set the timer and then follow the instructions on the cards. simple enough eh! well the kick comes in when you see the categories the cards come under , and more to the point the instructions encompassed within those cards. 'mmm' , 'ooh' and 'aah' are all categories which have varying levels of sauciness , ranging from cheeky and kinky to downright rude!!! i'll leave the rest to your imagination. so slip on the barry white album , put up the 'do not disturb' signs , roll the dice and allow the fun to begin. believe me , it will do!!!



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