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28 Days Later
In this film from director danny boyle and writer alex garland a powerful virus is unleashed on the british public following a raid on a primate research facility by animal rights activists. transmitted in a drop of bloo. . .
A blood chilling action-packed thriller about modern day vampires unlike any previously encountered. wesley snipes is blade the ultimate vampire hunter and immortal warrior who possesses the superhuman strength and cunni. . .
Blade - Trinity
A ramped-up techno soundtrack bleats out adrenaline-pumping action tunes while leather-clad vampire slayers smash through walls and floors and ceilings break windows with their bodies and occasionally defy gravity. casca. . .
Blade 2 - Bloodhunt (2 Discs)
The blood coursing through blade’s veins is half-human half-vampire the result of a vampire attack on his mother before he was born. blade has been working with scud a brilliant slacker and inventor of devious weapons to. . .
You thought it was a just a story. . . but it’s real. every culture has one - the horrible monster fueling young children’s nightmares. but for tim the boogeyman still lives in his memories as a creature that devoured his f. . .
Cabin Fever
As a last hurrah after college friends jeff karen paul mercy and bert embark on a vacation deep into the mountains. with the top down and the music up they drive to a remote cabin to enjoy their last days of decadence be. . .
Constantine (2 Disc Special Edition)
Hell wants him. heaven won’t take him. earth needs him!supernatural detective john constantine (reeves) has literally been to hell and back. when he teams up with skeptical policewoman angela dodson (weisz) to solve the . . .
Cursed (Wes Craven)
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. horror maestro wes craven and scream scribe kevin williamson re-unite once more for another playful trip to the dark side. . . set in an ultra-hip modern los angeles the film tells t. . .
Dark Water (2005)
Acclaimed director walter salles helms and academy award®-winner jennifer connelly stars in dark water a psychological thriller featuring a stellar cast including academy award-nominees john c. reilly tim roth and pete p. . .
Dawn Of The Dead (2004)
Overnight the world has become a living nightmare of surreal proportions with the planet’s population hit by an inexplicable unfathomable and lethal plague - and the dead aren’t dying. corpses yearning for their next mea. . .
Dawn Of The Dead - Directors Cut (2004)
Dawn of the dead directors cut is the version too terrifying to be shown in cinemas. starring mekhi phifer ving rhames and sarah polley in an edgy electrifying thrill-ride. overnight the world has become a living nightmar. . .
Dead End
On his way to his in-laws to celebrate christmas frank harrington decides to take his family on a short cut which turns out to be the biggest mistake of his life. . . . . .
Freddy vs Jason
It’s the battle everyone’s been dying to see! teenagers find themselves caught in the middle of a battle between two legendary boogeymen: jason voorhees and freddy krueger. who will win in the bloodiest and goriest showd. . .
Ghost Ship
In a remote region of the bering sea a boat salvage crew discovers the eerie remains of a grand passenger liner thought lost for more than 40 years. once onboard the crew must confront the ship’s horrific past and face t. . .
A brilliant and respected criminal psychologist dr. miranda grey (halle berry) is an expert at knowing what is rational. what is logical. what is sane. but mirandas comfortable and stable life are thrust into terrifying j. . .



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