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A Bridge Too Far - Special Edition (2 Discs)
An epic film that "re-creates in stunning detail one of the most disastrous battles of world war ii"(the hollywood reporter) a bridge too far is a spectacular war picture. painstakingly recreated on actual battlefield lo. . .
Doctor Who - The Three Doctors
Starring jon pertwee as the third doctor. a gel-like plasma creature arrives on earth and hunts down the doctor who calls on the time lords for help. the time lords themselves are in crisis as their energy is being drawn. . .
Mary Poppins - 40th Anniversary Edition
Mary poppins is one of disney’s most enchanting fantasies and the motion-picture hit that made ’supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ a household word! julie andrews stars as the loveable nanny who soars out of the skies a. . .
Rocky Anthology Ultimate Edition Box Set (5 Discs)
This box set contains the special edition of all 5 rocky films!rocky (dir. john g. avildsen 1976): rocky balboa is a struggling boxer trying to make the big time. working in a meat factory in philadelphia for a pittance . . .
The Battle Of Britain (1969) - Special Edition
A powerful and colourful portrayal of an understaffed technically inferior royal air-crew who valiantly holds off the superior forces of the german luftwaffe. this pivotal battle of world war ii could have led to the ger. . .
The Italian Job (1969)
Charlie croker is out of jail and on the make with an ingenious plan for the heist of the century. aided and abetted by top criminal mastermind mr. bridger charlie sets off with an ace team of villains and three very spe. . .
Where Eagles Dare
Commandos posing as german soldiers parachute into a small mountainside town to rescue a supposed allied general from a nazi hideaway fortress that can only be reached by cable car. . . .

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