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Clownfish Mouse
Thereís something very fishy about this computer mouse. it works just like your regular (rather dull) computer mouse , but is loads more fun. sit him on your desk , move your mouse around and watch the bright orange clownfish bob around happily in his own liquid filled tank. can be used with any pc which has a usb port. quite simply , itís fin-tastic!gift stats: clownfish mousecolour: blue & whitepc / ibm compatible
Credit Card Digital Camera
This tiny digital camera is shockingly small. unbelievably , it is actually smaller than a credit card. it weighs a ridiculous 32 grammes , and measures just 5mm deep. . . so will fit in your wallet , top pocket or handbag with ease. don't let its size fool you though , this is a high quality digital camera packed with features: it stores 26 images in high res mode (640 x 480 vga)stores 104 images in low res (320 x 240 qvga)image compression mode for storing up to 209 images300 , 000 pixels10 second self timer- for taking group pictures with you includedcontinuous shooting - takes 10 pictures per second!battery re-charges itself while you download pictures to your pcautomatic exposure and white balancepc web camera mode for video conferencingthe credit card digital camera comes supplied with everything you need to get started including: installation cd rom for windows onlyusb cablecarrying strapphoto editing softwarepc system requirements: windows 98 se/ win me / win 2000 professional / win xpp200mhz cpu or above32mb or more ramwhy carry around a big and bulky camera this summer , when you can take this sleek and stylish one instead?not suitable for use with apple macs. for pc use only.
How many times have you walked down the street , trying to fit two people under one umbrella. and both of you end up getting wet?take the doubrella out with you , and both of you will stay perfectly dry , thanks to its unique rectangular canopy. the doubrella is lightweight , with a durable steel frame , and comes with a red and blue canopy. who bother with an umbrella , when you can have a doubrella?!gift stats: doubrellahot bear measures: 28cm long (folded) colour: red & blue
Ducti Wallet
Why bother stashing your cash in a dull , corporate black wallet?the ducti wallet is handmade from duct tape... you know , the stuffused by electricians and plumbers. so not only is your wallet extremely hard wearing and light , it also looks fantastic...think urban and industrial. the ducti wallet holds 11 credit cards , and even has room for a photo card and a stash of cash. you wonít be able to wait to whip this baby out !gift stats: ducti walletmeasures: 10. 5 x 8 cm (closed)
Einstein IQ Test
We all like to think weíre a bit brighter than our colleagues and friends. this einstein iq test has everything you need to prove it! it contains: a pocket iq test... complete with 60 iq questions and answers , plus scoring cardsone einstein action figure complete with grey wispy hair (for when you need a little helping hand!)an iq of over 130 means youíre in the top 2% of the population. an iq of below 70 means you are in the bottom 2%. but hey , you were clever enough to buy this so give yourself another 10 points on us!gift stats: einstein iq testsize: iq test 10 x 6cm Ė action figure 13cm
Electronic Sudoku
It's the latest puzzle craze to sweep the nation. . . everyone's doing it , and now you can too. basically , all you have to do is fill every line and column with every number between 1 and 6 , or 1 and 9. . . depending on the board size you choose. sounds simple? it isn't. . . but you will have a load of fun trying !this electronic handheld sudoku features: thousands of gamesa game timer6x6 and 9x9 boards4 skill levelsif they love playing it in the newspapers , this will be their dream come true. takes 2 x aa batteries (not included)gift stats: electronic handheld sudokusize: 14 x 8cmpackaging: gift box
Funky Card Case
Take a card from your average business card case , and youíre unlikely to get much reaction. alternatively , whip it out of this sleek device and youíre immediately making a statement. unlike most business card cases , this one allows you to 'thumb' your cards from the shiny case using the hole on one side. your cards are kept firmly in place thanks to a clever metal sprung device inside the unit. even better - the funky card case is ideal for holding your credit cards too. a very stylish gadget with two great uses!gift stats: business card casebusiness card case: 10 x 6cm card case weight: 60gbusiness card case colour: silvermaterial: stainless steelpackaging: black gift box.
Jet Rest
Trying to get comfortable on a plane was a bit of a nightmare. . . until now. the jet rest travel pillow has been ergonomically designed to cushion and hold your head upright. they are l-shaped and are held in position by the body's own natural forces. by leaning back against the pillow , the cushion will stay in position even while you are sleeping , so there is no need to lean against anything. the pillow is made of wonderfully soft fleece , and is filled with supportive polyester fibres that spring back to life , time and time again. now you can look forward to your journey on the plane , coach , train or car!supplied in navy blue. a perfect gift for go-getting jet-setters!gift stats: jet restmaterial: fleece , polyester fibrescolour: navy bluepackaging: gift bag
This is the perfect portable companion for every reader. simply rest the lightwedge on your book - it beams a pane of crisp white light onto the page you are reading - without any glare or stray light disturbing others. itís perfect for when you want to read in the dark or when there isnít much light - in bed , on a plane , in your car , when camping , even in the bath. it also doubles as a bookmark. the lightwedge uses cool led lights which are guaranteed to last the life of your lightwedge. it has two brightness levels and takes four aaa batteries (not supplied)it measures around 7 x 9 inches so is suitable for paperback and hardback books. now they can read anytime , anyplace , anywhere!gift stats: lightwedgesize: 7 x 9 inchespackaging: gift box
Mirage Clock & Frame
This is the ultimate accessory for your home or office. the mirage clock is an eye-pleasing combination of clock and photograph frame , both of which are viewed through an optical prism. simply change the viewing angle to show either the clock face or photo image. the weighty metal die cast body is both innovative and geometrically perfect. you can easily place your chosen photo behind the prism. gift stats: mirage clockmirage clock measures: 8. 2cm highclock colour: silvermirage clock weight: 450g
Mobile Phone Holder
If you're always losing your mobile phone then this brushed aluminium holder is the perfect answer to your problem. this stylish device ensures that your phone always rises above the sea of papers on your desk - for instant calling. its clever design means you can also use it as a charging stand too. a funky and original gadget for the mobile phone generation!gift stats: mobile phone holdermobile phone holder: 12. 5 x 6cm mobile phone holder weight: 60g mobile phone holder colour: silverpackaging: clear gift box
The orgasmatron really is the ultimate head massager. . . it is made primarily of copper , which acts as a conductor that taps into your body's unique electrical fields. get someone to gently lower the orgasmatron onto your head , and then with a slow , teasing action , move it up , down and around. the sensation you get is unbelievable. . . tingling up and down the spine , goosebumps all over your body. . . and best of all the orgasmatron helps you forget all the stresses and strains of the day. buy one of these and youíll never want to leave your home again!gift stats: orgasmatronorgasmatron measures: 25cm x 15cmorgasmatron colour: copperorgasmatron weight: 120gmaterial: copper
Orgasmatron Trembler
The orgasmatron trembler is the all singing , all dancing version of the best selling orgasmatron head massager. get someone to gently lower the trembler onto your head , and then with a slow , teasing action , move it up , down and around. the sensation you get is unbelievable. . . tingling up and down the spine and goosebumps all over your body. . . but there's more. . . the trembler also has a built in motor which makes the legs of the trember vibrate when you switch it on. combine the teasing action of moving the trembler up and down , with the vibrating action of the motor , and you will be in utter heaven!there are two motor speeds , so if you're left wanting more , simply crank it up. the trembler will help you forget all the stresses and strains of the day. buy one of these and youíll never go out again!please note: the trembler handles vary in colour. 2 x aa batteries included. gift stats: orgasmatron tremblersub measures: 25cm highcolour: variouspackaging: clear gift packaging
Quattro pen
This quattro pen has everything - fantastic looks and four different settings: blue ballpoint document highlighter pump-action mechanical pencil pda stylus. extra features include cross hatched detailing on the lower body of the pen for extra grip. basically , this is the only pen you will ever need! refills are available at most large stationers. not suitable for small children. gift stats: quattro penquattro pens measure: 14cm longquattro pens weight: 25gquattro pens colour: matt silvermaterial: chromepackaging: aluminium gift box
Queen Waving Watch
Put a smile on their face , every time they check the time. this waving watch does exactly what the name suggests. simply wind it up , and her majesty does a very royal wave for you as every second ticks by. the watch has a wind-up mechanism so no batteries are required , it's splash proof and has a real leather strap. laughter is only an arms length away!gift stats: queen waving watchface measures: 3. 5cm diameter packaging: clear gift box



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