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100 Flowers & How They Got Their Names
Fascinating myths and anecdotes. illustrated 257-page hardback.
Age Doesn't Matter Unless You're a Cheese'
From julia child' s secret of longevity- ' red meat and gin' - to albert einstein' s equation for happiness , here are the wisest things men and women over sixty have said about life and it' s unexpected twists and turns.
Brit Wit
Ever been at a loss for words? ever wished that the perfect wry remark would spring to mind? the great , the good , and the downright insulting can all be found in brit wit. ' it is good thing for an uneducated man to read books of quotations' - sir winston churchill. ' i want to be young and wild , and then i want to be middle-aged and rich , and then i want to be old and annoy people by pretending i' m deaf' - baldrick , blackadder.
Eats, Shites and Leaves
Eats , shites & leaves is a celebration of all things shite about the misuse of english , highlighting the prevalence of absent apostrophes , ghastly grammar , suspect sentences and rambling repetitiveness , commentator' s claptrap , torturous tautologies , insane instructions and quirky quotations in society. featuring a plethora of examples that show how to get the worst out of the world' s most commonly spoken language , eats , shites & leaves is a wittingly informative insight into how the english language can be used and abused in the twenty-first century.
Frankly My Dear- Quips and Quotes from Hollywood
In a rollickingly comprehensive collection of the funniest , sharpest , most acerbic and insulting lines ever uttered by the wits in the movie industry , frankly my dear snaps the clapperboard , shouts ' action!' , and presents a feature packed with classic quotes from the stars , directors , writers and commentators who populate the larger-than-life world of hollywood.
Grumpy Old Men
Are you an irratable , crabby , cantankerous , malcontented old grump? well relax , because you' re not alone. the next time you find yourself enraged by pointless speed bumps , over crowded trains , ill-mannered drivers , irritating adverts , overbooked airlines , slow-moving caravans , unfunny clowns or just plain miserable british weather , let this book take the strain. the ultimate in stress relief for the 21st century grouch.
In Other Words
From sex and superstition to warfare and death , euphemisms exist for all sorts of subjects and every kind of communication. be your aim the dirty joke , the cover-up , an explanation of ' the birds and bees' or a victory in the next election , euphemism is the secret weapon that illuminates even as it obscures , and obscures even as it illuminates.
Lock, Stock and Barrel - Book
Why should gettingsomething into apple pie order often lead us to struggle on to the bitter end to avoid letting the cat out of the bag? if the solution has you cudgelling your brains take it straight from the horse' s mouth and discover lock , stock and barrel why we regularly resort to these and hundreds of familiar sayings.
Man Walks Into a Bar
Two goldfish in a tank. one says to the other , ' how do you drive this thing?' the biggest and best joke book in the world with over 6000 jokes.
Mothers & Daughters
A celebration of that special bond , with contributions from among others , emily dickinson , madonna and maya angelou. the perfect gift to say ' i love you' .
Now We Are Sixty
112-page hardbacks.
Poem For The Day
366 poems , one for each day of the year (including leap years). chosen for their narrative , resonance and rhythm , these are poems to learn by heart , or to treasure and enjoy.
Red Herrings and White Elephants
Bold as brass , cold feet , cock and bull , currying favour and off the cuff. . and , of course , red herrings and white elephants. we use these phrases every day and yet we have only the vaguest idea of where many of them come from. and if you do happen to know all about the origins of some of the phrases listed above , there are hundreds of others waiting inside , waiting to take you on a trip through the most fascinating and richest regions of the english language.
The Eccentric Gardener
For as long as landscape designers and gardeners have stamped their mark on the natural world , eccentricity and genius have strolled hand in hand through the countryside. this book follows in their wake , tracking down the wilder flights of garden fancy and exploring the lives of those who inspire them.
Why Do Buses Come in Threes?
Why is it better to buy a lottery ticket on a friday? why are showers always too hot or too cold? and which classic puzzle was destroyed by allied bombing in the war? these and many other questions are answered in this entertaining and highly informative book.



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