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Flashing Mobile Phone Keyring
Never miss a call on your mobile if the music's too loud or you just can't hear it! this handy little keyring will flash a red led inside the clear case whenever your mobile rings. it's active for up to a metre from your phone and comes ready for action with a battery supplied. it's big enough to be seen , but small enough not to look like a canoe in your pocket! 11. 5 x 1. 6 x 1. 6cm to be exact. comes boxed so you blokes don't need to break into a sweat just thinking about. . . read more at our site
Speak-Easi Hands Free Phone Unit
Chat hands free on any phone , and in any location , with the clever and quirky speak-easi. the speak-easi is a hands-free unit with a difference. well , you can probably tell that by looking at it. after all , how many hands-free units have you ever seen sporting a massive pair of metal lips? but it isn't just looks that make the difference. when you talk to the speak-easi , it talks back! the speak-easi features a clip-on microphone that reacts to sound vibrations. . . read more at our site
White Egg Mobile Phone Sensor Clock
The egg mobile phone sensoring clock is an absolute hoot and equally as cute. using the cute aerial hanging out of his head , it detects incoming mobile phone ring signals. finding these ring signals gets it so excited its little legs will jump up and down on your desk to announce an incoming mobile phone call. so simply switch off your mobile telephones ringer and let the mobile phone sensor egg notify you of incoming calls. . . read more at our site

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