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Anglo Bubbly Bubble Gum
Anglo bubbly bubble gum - a classic from the 70's and 80's - gum you thought they had stopped making years ago.
Bazooka Joe Bubblegum
Bazooka joe bubblegum - remember this? bet you thought that you would never see or taste it again - the bubblegum with the little comic inside the wrapper. it just does not get more nostalgic than this!!! it now comes in packs of 4 pieces (each piece is l
Bubblegum Flavour Crystals
Bubblegum flavour crystals - sugar crystals flavoured with . . . no prizes for guessing what!
Bubblegum Millions
Bubblegum millions - tiny chewy sweets with bubblegum flavour.
Bubblicious Blue Blowout
Bubblicious blue blowout - another flavour of bubblicious but we are not 100% sure what actually is. could it be blueberry??
Bubblicious Savage Sour Apple
Bubblicious savage sour apple - sour sweets seem to be all the rage at the moment. this bubblegum is not too sour - but the apple taste definitely comes through loud and clear.
Bubblicious Strawberry
Bubblicious strawberry soft bubblegum - the ultimate bubble - with a delicious strawberry taste.
Bubblicious Twisted Tornado
Bubblicious twisted tornado soft bubblegum - the ultimate bubble.
Devils Fireballs
Devils fireballs - devilishly hot candy gobstopper with a bubblegum centre. we sold these until early 2004 when they disappeared. about 6 months later they re-appeared - much bigger than before!
Think fireball jawbreakers. . . and replace the "hot" with "sour". eyepoppers are described as mega sour (but we reserve that description for toxic waste!) - we think of them as sour flavour bubblegum balls - not sure we could cope with anything much soure
Fireball Jawbreakers
Fireball jawbreakers - devilishly hot candy gobstopper with a bubblegum centre.
Giant Bubble Gum Machine
Giant bubblegum machine - how cool is this? it's a proper big bubblegum dispensing machine of your very own. it stands about 2 feet high (60cm ish) and has a little twirly knob (you can put money in if you like. . . but you don't have to) which
Giant Bubblegum Laces
Giant bubblegum laces - great long chewy laces with a bubblegum flavour.
Golf Ball Bubble Gum
Golf ball bubble gum - remember buying these with your pocket money? dimply balls of mint flavour bubblegum.
Gum Powder
Gum powder - explosively sour bubblegum! it's not "toxic waste" sour... bubblegum that sour would probably be just too much. but this is bubblegum... in packs like tiny milk cartons... that bites back!!



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