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16" oatmeal coloured classic teddy bear with a floppy beanbag interior.
Aunt Lucy
12" sitting aunt lucy is paddington’s favourite auntie! she has two toned grey/brown fur , wears specs , hat , orange dress and brown knitted wool scarf.
Baby Mookins
The perfect addition to baby's room. this nursery rhyme inspired piece features a bear in cow disguise , a velvet crescent moon and velvet dangling star , and is bean filled at the base for added weight. 14" full height.
Baby On Board
Give the mummy-to-be a big chuckle with this mixed gold bear expecting a lil' cub any day now! she features a floral-print bow , an appliqued sweatshirt , and floral trousers.
Bee Happy
You can't help but smile when you receive bee happy , a bee bear that's spreading good vibes wherever he goes! this sweet bee features posable antennae , a shaved muzzle , velvet posable wings , and black velvet paw pads , and holds a velvet "bee happy" embroidered honey pot.
14" benson is a real cuddler! his fur is two-toned with rich caramel at its base and expresso on the tips. benson has closely set eyes , a plush nose , light coloured paw pads. trimming his neck is a smart , sheer copper coloured ribbon.
Boo Boo Bear
Boo boo's feeling under the weather and his tummy's turnin' somersaults! this white teddy makes a great gift for someone who is feeling a bit under the weather. he features a bean-filled ice pack and get well embroidery on his foot pad.
14" booker is a wonderful puppy who has soft , cinnamon plush accented with a toffee coloured muzzle , face , and tummy. his ears are perfectly perky , and he has beans in his paws to emphasise his oversized floppy paws. around his neck , booker wears a sheer plaid ribbon.
A lovely 14" vanilla coloured cuddly plush dog featuring a blue patterned fleecy hat and scarf.
If you are looking for a real cuddly teddy bear , then consider 16" brigton. he is incredibly soft and cuddly white tedddy and wears a sheer white ribbon with polka dots around his neck.
17" butternut is a shimmery maple coloured bear with contrasting ivory belly , muzzle and ears. butternut wears a cream and golden brown plaid bow around his neck and is one of the softest and most huggable bears around!
Soft and silky taupe plush is only one of the qualities that makes 15" chaplin special! a wonderfully soft and floppy bear with a "can i come home with you" face. chaplin wears a sheer plaid ribbon around his neck.
Chauncy - Musical
12" chauncy is a wonderful musical teddy bear who has tawny brown fur and short pile cocoa coloured ears and muzzle. he has closely set eyes , an embroidered nose , and stitched toes. unlike other musicals , it is chauncy's tail that is turned prompting him to play 'you are my sunshine' while swaying his head from side to side during the performance of his little tune!
Classic Paddington
Our classic 14" paddington bear wears a red felt hat , blue felt dufflecoat complete with traditional wooden toggle fastening with red cord. paddington also wears a luggage tag with ‘please look after this bear. thank you’ wording.
Classic Pooh
12" honey coloured pudgy pooh bear with silky textured plush. hss weighted bottom and bean filled paws and soles that help him sit comfortably anywhere!



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