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10 decades of roses in one Anniversary Bouquet!
I'm sending you ten red roses , cos everyone knowses , i love you from my head to my ten little toeses!
11 roses sent straight from the heart!
Send me to heaven , it's simple if you send me a gorgeous rose of eleven!
13 Unlucky for some but not for the recipient of this wonderful bunch of flowers!
Roses are keen , violets are mean , make sure your seen , with a bunch of thirteen!
14 roses - 2 more than your average dozen!
Somewhere someone dreams of your smile , and when dreaming of you , says life is worth while , so when you are lonely , remember its true , someone somewhere is thinking of you!
15 stems of the finest flowers on god's earth!
Lowestoft is by the sea , and i am up a tree , cos i need a good florist as soon as can be!
16 ohh to be celebrating my 16th Birthday again!
Roses are red , violets are blue , sugar is sweet 16 , and so are you!
17 times better looking than Britney Spears!
Roses are red , your love is true , being without you , i would be blue , sharing this lifetime , each day we will kiss , holding each other , in endless sweet bliss!
18 Roses and a Packet of Crisps Please!
18 today , and all grown up and flown away , we think of you every day , and just want to say. have a great 18th birthday!
19 flowers oh what a surprise treat this is!
Tigger is orange , eeyore is blue , roses smell sweet , said winnie the pooh!
2 Classic Timeless Roses!
Roses are red , roses are blue , i can prove it because i have sent them both to you!
20 roses a whole wraps worth of lovely flowers!
20 roses is two times ten , delivered with your message hand written in pen. it will arrive with a fragrance ever so sweet , because i want to sweep you off your feet? about 20 times a day!
21 rose salute for you birthday girl!
Happy birthday to you , happy birthday to you , these roses are for you , cos i love you so much it's untrue!
22 Rose Gardens, The perfect floral treat to post for sure!
Roses are red full of life , how can a man deny his wife , love is the message they convey , more beautiful day after day!
23 long stemmed days apart!
Kiss me quick , kiss me to i'm blue , i want to share my love with you!
24 Roses or Two Dozen Roses Whatever you call them we offer best prices in Town!
Roses are red , the ocean is blue , steady and true , like my love for you , you're sweeter than candy , and a joy from the start , it shouldn't be puzzling , why i gave you my heart xxx!



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