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Car Rinsing Water Filters
The most common cause of waterspots and marks is hard water and the refining chemicals that are used to treat water for domestic use. up until now , there has been no other way to avoid the effects that varying water quality can have on the finish of a car after the detailing process. to remedy this problem , the simple to use in-line filter delivers virtually pure de-ionised water from ordinary tap water to provide a spot free finish , thus providing a significantly enhanced shine on all types of paintwork which is free from watermarks and streaks. not only does the use of these filters ensure a lustrous finish , but they also assist with diluting and dispersing damaging road salts.
Covercraft Flannel Super Soft (Tailor Made)
Covercraft flannel covers are the kindest-to-the-paint covers in the world. two to three times thicker than other cotton and polycotton covers , this cover is also soft-napped on the inside. the "cotton wool" type underside will not scratch or mark even the most delicate finish. it breathes so no moisture can be trapped under the cover , and it is treated to be water repellent. the fabric is resistant to mildew and rotting. this cover is tailor made to fit your vehicle perfectly.
Covercraft Multibond Covers (Tailor Made)
Covercraft multibond covers are made from sentrex fabric - a unique three-layered material offering superior "in garage" protection. the polypropylene fibres are soft and non-abrasive , guaranteed not to scratch or mark paintwork or chrome. a non-woven material , multibond offers superior dust protection and keeps the vehicle cleaner than most woven fabrics. naturally moisture resistant , this cover offers more protection than ordinary cotton or polycotton covers. at the same time , like the flannel cover , it breathes to prevent the vehicle from "sweating". this cover is tailor made to fit your vehicle perfectly.
Covercraft Noah Covers (Tailor Made)
Covercraft noah barrier covers are manufactured from a three-layred fabric which offers maximum vehicle protection. snow , sun , rain , dew , dust , dirt , industrial pollutants , tree sap , bird droppings and other environmental hazards including acid rain are all kept away from your vehicle's finish. this cover is tailor made to fit your vehicle perfectly.
Covercraft Technalon II (Tailor Made)
Covercraft technalon ii covers are manufactured from evolution 4 fabric. this four-layered material is designed to protect your car from the natural elements and more. water resistant yet breathable: it keeps out rain , sleet and snow while allowing air and moisture vapour to pass through , therefore preventing your car from "sweating". this cover is tailor made to fit your vehicle perfectly.
Covercraft WeatherShield (Tailor Made)
Weathershield fabric is manufactured exclusively for covercraft using nextec patented encapsulation process developed for outdoor performance wear. this encapsulation process uses precision and controlled placement of proprietary polymers to make ordinary fabrics extraordinary. by placing an ultra-thin film around the fabric fibres this process created a durable breathable barrier within the fabric. unlike traditional coatings and laminations that just protects one side of the fabric , this process places protective polymers inside the fabric! this cover is tailor made to fit your vehicle perfectly.
Universal Fit Indoor Car Cover
Manufactured from a single layer polypropylene fabric , our universal fit indoor covers are not only light , but also offer quality protection at an affordable price. available in six different sizes.
Universal Fit Outdoor Car Cover
Our universal car covers offer great protection at an affordable price. all our universal car covers are made from 100% nylon , complete with storage bag , in stylish silver grey and will protect your car from uv rays , rain & wind , smog & dust and snow & ice. available in four different sizes.
Zymol Accessory Pack
New from zymol this accessory pack brings together the essential cloths and applicator required to complete the zymol process corrrectly , leaving the perfect finish. each pack contains: 1 x pre-wax applicator , 1 x buffing towel & 1 x microwipe
Zymol Atlantique Glaze (226g)
Atlantique glaze is based on a custom formula developed for ralph lauren's 1937 bugatti type 57sc atlantique. like many zymol-prepared cars , the bugatti won "best of show" at the pebble beach concours d'elegance in 1990. the protective ingredients in atlantique are clove , coconut , cinnamon bark and sunflower oils. suitable for all paint types and colours. atlantique contains 60 percent brazilian no. 1 white carnauba by volume.
Zymol Autowash (473ml)
Here is the solution for the car that needs extra care. zymol offers auto wash. a combination of pure coconut bark soap and natural fatty oils extract heavy dirt to clean and care for your vehicle.
Zymol BMW Mini Glaze Kit
Back when the availability of the mini in the u. s. was just a dream , zymol were testing panels and paint samples. take your affection for this road rocket to the next level with the glaze that was developed just for your car. mini glaze is the only finish care to use on your mini paintwork. a mini glaze kit contains: car match silk bag , mini logo pin (complimentary) , mini glaze 113g , hd-cleanse 200ml , pre-wax applicator x 1 , microwipe x 1
Zymol Brite Spray-Gel Wheel Cleaner (650ml)
Brake dust will permanently damage the finish of your wheels. the adhesive used to mold brake pads will etch and pit the wheels if you allow it to remain in contact with your heated wheel surfaces. zymol brite is a non-corrosive , phosphorous-free wheel
Zymol Carbon Wax (226g)
Carbon wax , ideal for dark-coloured cars. contains 37% carnauba wax , monton oil , coconut oil , banana oil , propolis (derived from bees) , cetyl esters , cetyl cocoamide (derived from coconut oil) and fd&c blue #1.
Zymol Carbon Sampler Kit (Destiny, Concours & Carbon)
The perfect way to sample three of zymolís waxes and estate glazes. kit contains: 150 ml hd-cleanse , 150 ml clear , 113g each of destiny , concours , and carbon , microwipe x 1 , detail brush , and full application and care instructions.



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