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 Eastern Philosophy
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 Fiction and Poetry
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 Food and Drink
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 Forestry and Fisheries
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 General, Lexicons, History
 General, Lexicons, History and Vocation
 General, Lexicons and History
 General, Lexicons and Reference Works
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 General Cookbooks
 General Lifestyle
 General Medicine, Diagnosis and Therapy
 General Technology, Reference and History
 Genetics and Gene Technology
 Gift Books
 Health and Beauty
 Health and Wellbeing
 Health Guides
 Heating, Energy and Power Station Technology
 History Of Art
 History Of Music

 Hobbies and Leisure Interests
 Hotel, Restaurant and Camping Guides
 Humanities, Arts and Music
 Humanities, General
 Humour, Cartoons, Comics and Satire
 Hunting and Fishing
 Individual Rights
 Inorganic Chemistry
 Interior Design
 Internal Medicine
 International Economics
 International Law
 Language Guides
 Law Guides
 Letters, Diaries, Biographies and Autobiographies
 Literary Collections
 Maps and Town Plans
 Martial Arts and Self Defence
 Mathematics, Natural Science, Technology and Medicine
 Mechanics and Acoustics
 Media and Communications
 Medical Advisors
 Medicine and Pharmacology
 Middle Ages
 Mind, Body and Spirit
 Mineralogy - Petrography
 Mining and Metallurgy
 Modern History and Politics (since 1949)
 Modern Management
 Musical Theory
 Natural, Alternative Medicine and Homeopathy
 Natural History
 Network Software
 New Age
 Non-Christian Religions
 Non-Fiction and Reference
 Non-Fiction Books
 Non-Fiction Picture Books
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 Organic Chemistry
 Other Branches
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 Painting and Drawing
 Paranormal and Unexplained Phenomena
 Partnerships and Relationships
 Pharmaceutical and Toxicology
 Physical Chemistry
 Physics and Astronomy
 Picture Books
 Political Economics
 Political Science
 Politics, Society and Employment
 Practical Tips
 Presentation, Planning and Training
 Press and Journalism
 Probability Theory and Statistics
 Production Engineering
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 Publishing, Book Trade and Librarianship
 Publishing, Book Trade and Librarianship
 Reference Books
 Regional and International
 Regional History
 Relaxation, Yoga, Meditation and Autogenous Training
 Religion and Theology
 Revision Aids
 School and Text Books
 School Books
 Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
 Slim and Healthy Cooking
 Social Sciences
 Social Sciences, Law and Economics
 Social work and Services
 Song Books and Opera Texts
 Specialist Branches
 Special Needs and Education for the Disabled
 Sport and Leisure
 Study of Literature
 Tax Law
 Teaching Materials
 Teaching Methodology
 Theatre, Ballet and Film
 Theme Cookbooks
 Theoretical Physics
 Theoretical Psychology
 Theoretical Sociology
 The School System
 Travel Guides
 Travel Guides - Sport
 Travel Writing
 Veterinary Medicine
 Water Sports and Sailing
 Winter Sports
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